Why the Heck You Need SEO for Local Business?

Why the Importance of SEO Is Still Being Debated

SEO or Search Engine Optimization as a process is not understood too well by many. The debate still rages on about whether it is needed and what it can do for a webpage. The SEO process has many essential steps which help a website get good visibility through organic and other means. SEO is can be broken down into 2 distinct areas – on page optimization and off page optimization. On page optimization includes HTML code, keywords, content and images. Off page optimization includes back links which are important in linking sites with relevant content for better visibility.

SEO Categories

SEO can be split further into 2 distinct categories – White Hat and Black Hat. White Hat SEO is good because it uses all the available tools to get visibility organically. Black Hat techniques are more aggressive and do violate terms set up by search engines. Search engines are always working on new methods to cut down the number of websites using Black Hat techniques.

SEO Elements

SEO can seem very complicated but there is a lot of science to back it up. Basically, search engines like Google and Bing rank pages based on items like good and relevant content, how easy it is to navigate, payment options and so on. It is important to also pay attention to optimizing URLs for back links, good title tags, good images and most essentially, generating the right keywords. Content has to be updated regularly to keep it relevant – many companies invite visitors and buyers to contribute content in the form of blogs so that there is participation. SEO practices have evolved in the last 5 years with one goal in mind – to provide relevant and usable content to users quickly.

Why SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is commonly referred as, is a process of increasing the visibility on the search engine results. It can also be called as the process of getting traffic from, “free, organic (unpaid), editorial or even natural” search results on a search engines.

The benefit that we get in internet marketing when compared to the traditional marketing is the ability to target the demographics as per your requirement. When you choose online marketing, you can reach out to customers according to their age, gender, location, income level, education level and occupation. If you have a bookstore, you would target people who love to read or students. This is the best benefit that every business has.

Reasons to invest in SEO

If you wonder whether SEO is relevant and why, just look for SEO and its relevance. It is with a comeback with over 40 million references. SEO is not dead – it has just changed so radically over the last few years that people should see it more as branding and not a marketing tactic. Organic SEO still rules and many web marketing and design agencies are making a commitment to invest. The idea is to make pages more search engine friendly, considering that new algorithms are being developed for rankings.

Keywords – How cool are they?

It can give a better ranking to the web page. When profitable keywords are used it would attract more clicks in the search and increase the ratings too. Most important, keyword must be a part of the content in the page. This would not only give a proper search result, but also increases the ranking. Read this: Best Keyword Research Tool

Here Are 7 Good Reasons for Businesses to Invest in Organic SEO Techniques

  • It works: First off, guidelines set out by search engines for SEO still work. The techniques available to developers and business are still sound. The fact is that companies have to focus on optimal experience for users and use the right SEO strategies. They will see a jump in their page rankings and traffic to their site.
  • It will not stop working: Considering the way search engines are developing, SEO will still be effective for a long time to come. Even with audio and video searches, keywords are just as essentials as they are for traditional content using text. This kind of linking ensures that SEO techniques will remain successful for years into the future.
  • Cost effectiveness: When one compares the cost of using online marketing methods like PPC advertising, paying for leads for email marketing or even marketing on social media websites, SEO is just as effective. The return on investment is good and SEO will always be the bedrock of maintaining an online presence. Finding the right balance between marketing methods and good SEO will vary for each business and it is worth using both to be effective.
  • Market share: Not too long ago, people used to check with friends and family for opinions on a particular product. These days, search engines and websites provide the same facility – especially online retailers. There are quite a few sites which offer neutral reviews on products too, making it easy for consumers to make informed choices.       More and more companies are taking this facility online. Why not use organic SEO to help make the search for products and services easier.
  • Mobile platforms and local SEO: SEO marketing strategies are now two pronged – mobile applications are capturing a bigger market share than online sites. With this kind of explosive growth, SEO techniques are being tailored for this segment as well. Companies are becoming savvier about using these facilities and facilitating business growth.
  • Lack of good content can be damaging: Google and other search engines are working very hard to improve search algorithms. With every update, website rankings are becoming better and bad sites are being kicked out. Search algorithms account for items such as social media indicators. How companies manage their marketing campaigns is very important because it impacts the bottom line. All said and done, good content is still the key – search engines are now smarter about identifying sites with good content and giving them good rankings.
  • Watch your competition: SEO is not a secret and every business with an online presence uses it to get their business noticed. It is important for businesses to keep competitors in mind and employ all the same techniques to improve their rankings and efficacy online. If you as a business don’t move forward and try to improve your position, you will lose out to competitors and eventually shut shop. It is as simple as that –stay active or lose out. There are so many tools available these days that it is easy to do the work and retain market share.

Do You Need Professional Help?

Social signals are the steps towards best business as well as best search engine ranking. When small businesses try to do it for themselves, they might not be able to create attracting pages, content, keywords and there they would lose income. An SEO expert would always research and update with the information, so that he provides perfect information for your website and gives a correct keyword for it. You can take advice for development of your website and analyze as per the market. He would provide your website with good search engine ranking, online presence of the website, and indirectly gather more customers and money. But, one must be careful, hiring an SEO expert as many fake things are in now a day. SEO expert would be there to solve the problem and keep thing on correct direction.

Marketing with the Help of Social Media

Research well to find out one or two social sites where the majority of your target consumers exist and start with those one or two networks. One must aim at posting meaningful content at least every two days; this would boost the engagement and help increase the brand awareness and followers. Finally one must not completely rely on the social media for marketing but simultaneously must also implement other strategies of marketing.


Given all the insights above, there is no doubt that SEO is still alive and very relevant. It is very important to invest in organic SEO techniques and also improve a website on a regular basis. The needs will differ for each company and niche – so find what works by experimenting and watching nuances in the market. Every business needs an SEO strategy – this is very important and it can be adjusted based on the mood and need of the market. Business success is very much dependent on SEO – one would be remiss in not stating that it is the single most important factor for a company to maintain an online presence and also in branding efforts.

Do you still have this question running on your mind – Why the heck you need SEO for your local business? Well, if you have, then, it is time for you to give fuel to your grey matter and make it understand the importance of having SEO for your local business. Let people find you – what better than a flourishing business in your area? Resting in the cave and waiting for people to find you are such a past! It is all about letting people know who you are, what you do and how…. Put on your thinking cap now! Pull up your socks! Finish your coffee soon… and… go online..!