What Is Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is an amazing, currently very popular, form of online advertising that hugely utilizes social media. Otherwise known as buzz marketing or viral advertising, it essentially plays on the current trend of social networking, which is something that is going from strength to strength. It uses a ‘pass along’ technique, built around the constant concept of ‘sharing’ that is found on almost every social networking site. Some kind of subject matter (an image, video, piece of information) is shared with a group of people, who then pass it along. Viral marketing is often digital, in the form of social networking, emails, eBooks, but it can also be in a simple text or regular conversation. As long as the subject matter is shared the format doesn’t matter. This method is especially effective when used alongside a search engine optimization campaign, as social media and the sharing of great content fuel both. Hiring an SEO firm is a great way to save time and get professional advice, both of which could be invaluable.

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A viral marketing campaign essentially wants to drive traffic to a specific page or website by placing shareable content in the path of those with high SNP, or social networking potential. This means that these people are likely to share the information with friends, coworkers or family and thus further your organizations Internet presence. With the time spent on various social networks ever increasing, the amount of people that have high social networking potential is increasing all the time. Traditional phone calls or texts are still an important part of how the world communicates, but more and more people are documenting their lives through profiles, almost like an on line scrapbook. This is why it is so essential to take advantage of the opportunities social networking provides.

Viral marketing only works if a high percentage of the people that view content then decide to pass it on to a high percentage of their friends. This then creates what is known as a ‘snowball effect’, which involves the process of sharing being repeated consistently until the content is everywhere. Getting things going is easier than maintaining the sharing, so it might be wise to get professional help from an SEO firm, as they will have done this before.

Just having a picture that is shared lots of times is not the definition of viral marketing. In order to be considered the latter, the sharing must actually result in something that helps market your business or cause. It doesn’t matter how many views or likes your video or image gets, it has to market you or your business in a tangible, useful way.

Huge viral situations do spring up on their own sometimes, but there will often be a contrived situation, brought about to increase brand awareness. Lot’s of businesses are now seeking professional help to achieve this, so don’t be shy to learn more about how it could benefit your business or get a quote. To know more about the viral marketing process or to find a reputable SEO firm in your area, look online.