April 22, 2016

Top Five Classified Ads Sites You Should Be Using Today

Top Five Classified Ads Sites

Top Five Classified Ads Sites – Advertising is an expensive affair and utilizing brick and mortar advertising channels can set you back a tidy sum of money. Classified sites offer a great alternative to get word out there about what you have to offer at minimal cost or no cost at all. The challenge mostly lays in knowing which site to concentrate on to get the best results and the best reach. The list below will you give you base knowledge of the top classifies sites to help you make a more informed decision. To increase chances and reach, you can utilize several sites at the same time.

Top Five Classified Ads Sites You Should Be Used


Craigslist is by far the most popular, especially in the U.S. In effect, it therefore offers the advantage of a wide reach. However, there are downsides to placing ads on craigslist since scammers are widespread. If you are not careful, you can very easily be connedor your details stolen and used for committing felonies. Also, your ad can be easily flagged and removed forcing you to start from scratch. You therefore have to be very careful concerning the types of ads you post and the people you entertain. The process of ad posting is simple.

Craigslist has provision for different categories of ads, which makes it more desirable and user friendly. It has local classifieds, a section for jobs, services, houses and the like. This means that your ad becomes targeted to a degree and gets viewed by people more likely to positively respond. Moreover, looking for something to buy becomes easy. Craigslist is estimated to get roughly 60 million visitors monthly.


OLX was formed in 2006. However, it has witnessed immense growth and it is now one of the most popular classified sites. Posting an ad in OLX is free. It is also highly interactive and has coverage in over 100 countries all over the world. Its ads are categorized meaning that your ad will be more likely to be viewed by people who will respond. Posting an ad on OLX is as easy as creating an account and posting your ad.

You have to make it desirable and offer a good description so that you do not come off as vague. As with most other sites, scammers abound in olx meaning that you should be extra cautious in any dealings. OLX receives approximately 46,000 daily visitors and over 92,000 daily page views.


Initially, eBay classifieds was known as Kijiji classifieds. It was acquired by eBay several years ago and the change in name was meant to boost its numbers. It is one of the most popular ad sites in the U.S with a wide reach and a large number of daily visitors (81, 826). It is also estimated that it gets over 380,000 daily page views.

EBay classifieds have ad fees if you want to increase visibility of your ad which of course is a put-off to many. On the flip side, the fees discourage scammers meaning that there is less risk of attracting jokers with your ad. The site is professional looking and ads are also categorical hence providing targeting to a degree. It is one of the mature sites that you will not regret using whether to buy or sell especially if your main focus is the United States.


Quikr is estimated to receive 1.4 million daily visitors and over 29 million page views. It therefore provides a wide reach for a variety of ads. Posting an ad is free and categories for all kind of ads are provided such as hoses, phones, cars, pets, computers, travel and tours and the like. The process of ad posting is easy and fast. Due to its free nature, caution should be taken in any dealings.


Gumtree was the first free ad site in the U.K. You can use it to find and post ads under all manner of different categories from jobs to cars and services. It is especially applicable if you are after the U.K market. It is estimated to receive over 600, 000 daily visitors and over 5 million daily page views hence offering a desirable reach.

Posting and surfing ads is free of charge. You should be careful and cautious when using the site.

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