June 7, 2016

SEO vs Content Marketing: Which One Should Bloggers Opt For?

SEO Vs Content Marketing

Now moving to the post and hoping that I will do justice to the worth of your blog. Why this rivalry? Do you have any idea why the SEO and Content Marketing is the most overrated word? Why your blog post is considered supercharged and super visible in Google SERP when words like SEO and Content Marketing is used?

Bloggers end up in fishy condition when these two words come altogether and daily Google updates underline the importance of any of the two.

Which of Them Bloggers Should Pick or Leave?

Such questions always etched in our head. When you see from my eyes I would recommend both SEO and Content Marketing is equally important. However, when Google penguin updates sometimes raise the importance of SEO and sometimes Content Creation. The key thing is that we are the slave of Google; we have to obey the decision of it.

When you look little time back, you were seeing everywhere only “content marketing is replacing SEO” or SEO is dead and content marketing is rising day by day. Such headlines were long wearing concept of our mindset.

Bloggers have to pave the way with Google’s Knowledge Graph willingly or unwillingly to the approaches towards SEO and Content Marketing.

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Quality content always wins and easily indexed by search engine. It can never go out of fashion in terms of Google updates.

Below I want to focus on the title of the post i.e SEO versus Content Marketing.

SEO Vs Content Marketing

Literally, I do not understand how to exercise my mind for both stuff and how to differentiate it as both are the two sides of same coin. To get rid of the myth that both are the different stuff. I think I need to provide strong reason behind that. Content Marketing is getting attention even it cannot replace SEO. Knowledge of SEO is the foundation of Content Marketing.

Truly if you are a good internet marketer then this differentiation is non-existence factor for you as both content marketing and SEO is the star in their respective manner. They are the king of the brand marketing. If you have gap in any spheres then you have to fill this gap. SEO experts will always rule the market and their presence in it is important. We all know that we cannot optimize SEO without content to be optimized.

SEO is Content Marketing

SEO and Content are not two separate marketing strategies for me and they are widely dependable on each other. Let me be more clear how, you optimize your web content to be noticed by search engine. In other word, we form content to promote our marketing objectives. If our focus will be on optimization then there will be feasibility that content will be discovered by more and more people.

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Suppose if any blogger think that they can create regular content sans SEO, you may catch attention but your post will not be shared and nobody will feel engaged. Deliberately, if you are playing around SEO only without content, then again your reader will not able to be touched.

It is really vital to build a relationship between the two in your post for the sake of likeable presentation for the search marketing strategy.

SEO is an often wrongly versed as if you optimize the search engine. However, in a true sense you optimize web content. Now you can see the merger of two marketing disciplines together. I truly appreciate the concept of two heads are better than one.


Content Marketing and SEO needs different skill but blogger should consider that the combination of two which lead you to rank better or make you earn good traffic. It will expand your reach. When you experiment with two different flavor then recipe, become bizarre and always are the matter of newsmaker. Similarly, your business should touch the flavor of SEO and Content Marketing to maximize you is your marketing potential.

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As of now, the visualization is apparent for the bloggers also. What they should opt for, SEO or content, they will always alive for the bloggers or for Internet Marketing. After reading my post you will not say Which of these taglines suit you best.

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