June 7, 2016

Essential SEO Checklist for Newbie Bloggers

SEO Checklist Newbie Bloggers

You have started the blog and still putting best of your efforts to make it popular.

I know you are struggling hard to learn best and advanced SEO techniques to make your blog more SEO friendly and let search engines love it.

You are reading big blogs like QuickSprout, Search Engine Land and many others to have a strong hold on search engine optimization.

You are learning on-page SEO optimization tips to make your article powerful in terms of SEO.

But does it make any sense?

I means does it really make any sense when you are still not doing basic SEO for your blog and looking for advance one?

Is it worth to learn advance SEO techniques when we are still lacking in basics?

So here I will be talking about basic SEO checklist to take the first move for your blog.

Domain Name

I have heard people saying,  “Domain doesn’t make any sense for blog’s success or popularity.”

and I personally oppose this.

Your blog’s name is your online identity. The more easy to remember domain you have, the more are the chances that people will keep this name in their mind.

Let’s make it easy with one example.

Suppose I am running one blog named QuickDogsTraining.Com on dog training niche where I am helping people to maintain their dogs and sharing my personal experience to train the dogs.

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On the other hand one guy is running blog on same niche (with almost same quality content) and named it StraightFlex.Com

So my question is; which one will you refer when any of your friend will ask for a dog training blog?

The answer is clear.

So a great domain name can give you more visibility and more word-of-mouth advertisement.

Note: If you are unable to find great names then you can try expired domains and choose the best one.

Submission at Google Analytics and Webmaster’s Tool

Google has given many free tools which you can use to track the performance of your blog and then work on your negative factors to improve them.

Add Google analytics code on your blog to track each and every activity on your blog. By collecting data from your blog, you will be able to analyse the behaviour and source of your traffic, so you can target that particular audience by putting more efforts.

Webmaster’s tool will let you verify domain ownership and let you manage other SEO factors of your blog.

By adding your website on Google webmaster tools you will get an email in case Google detects any issues with your website (such as malware, possible hack, or crawling issues/errors).

Website Structure

Website’s structure plays very important role in your online identity.

If your blog is not looking professional and taking too much time to load then it’s time to take action. Loading speed of any blog directly affects the traffic on your blog.

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I personally use genesis framework for all my blogs, because this helps me to make my blog faster as compared to too many other same niche blogs as well as I have more freedom to do customization’s.

Decided a good looking structure for your blog and stick with it. Don’t do frequent changes with your blog design because this annoy our readers.

Quality Content

Without content your blog is nothing.

You started your blog because you want to teach something and help people to make their life simpler.

People will come to your blog just for reading quality content and learn something new.

Do proper optimization of your content where we will be adding meta title, description and keywords in your article to make it SEO friendly and let various search engines to love it.

Never try to copy content from other blog, because this practice will not only let your readers to hate your blog but search engines will also consider it as spamming.

Social Media

If you are still not using social media for your blog then you are living in stone age.

With the exponential growth of social media it has become must to activity to have social profiles. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and various other big social networking sites as per your niche.

Making Google plus profile and having Google authorship have become MUST for every business.

Utilize them properly and don’t do over-sharing of your content, because social sites will ban your URL and you will not be able to share it again.


Be happy if you are already doing this on your blog. But if you are missing any one thing from this SEO checklist then it’s the time to take action and follow them before proceeding to advance SEO techniques.

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