December 13, 2015

Other Conditions That Look Like Acne, But Isn’t

Other Conditions That Look Like Acne

Other Conditions That Look Like Acne: We all know that acne is an infection caused when you are in contact with pollution, dust, harmful sun-ray or the hormonal changes. It may become worse when you use low quality cosmetics, junk foods and sometimes under stress and take pills for being out of it. Acne disease is most popular among the people nowadays. Every age group is suffering from acne problem due to the environmental conditions or the unhygienic one’s.

Other Conditions That Look Like Acne

There are diseases that have the same look as acne have. Sometimes we cannot find the difference between the acne and the other diseases. Some of the diseases that look like acne are:

• Folliculitis: It is an infection of the hair follicle. It is mostly caused by bacteria’s but sometimes it can be happened with the fungus. Folliculitis comes in various forms that are non-infectious. When you come in contact with the other forms of folliculitis like tars, greases and oils, your skin may not react to it as these are non-infectious. When it looks like acne, you can’t determine whether it is acne or folliculitis.

• Perioral dermatitis: It is a very common rash that appears on the face. It consists mainly of small vesicles, pus spots and small reddened bumps. These often gather around the nose, mouth and chin. If you use steroid creams, you will definitely face the problem of the redness around your chin and above the upper lip. These creams sometimes cause irritation or itching sensation and give rise to this disease. Same is the case with perioral dermatitis as with folliculitis. It can’t be detected easily that whether it is acne mark or any other skin infection as both appears almost same.

• Rosacea: If you are above 35 and your acne appeared a long time back without showing any sign of being cured, then you might think it as adult acne. But no, it can’t be like that because that disease might be rosacea. It is an infection that leaves no marks on the skin and has a long lasting effect. Sometimes people misunderstand with it and take the pills of adult acne. It varies with time and may not become worse. At times, you may find your face is redden and that may not be the reason of importunate redness of your face or sweating but may be due to the broken blood vessels. However, comedowns like blackheads and whiteheads do not belong to this category.

• Keratosis Pilaris: It is a disorder that also occurs in hair pores and cause redness around. It is often found in teenage girls and around 40% adults. If you are suffering from hay fever, eczema or asthma, you might be easily caught by keratisis pilaris. Hair follicles may also be affected with this turmoil.

Sometimes it is a very big problem if you take the treatment for acne and afterwards it comes out to be any of the disease like perioral dermatitis, rosacea, keratosis pilaris or folliculitis. Every treatment contain some of the drugs or sometimes all the drugs different from the other problem, it may worsen the disease. So, if you find any problem regarding skin consult your doctor before taking any pills. So this is Other Conditions That Look Like Acne.

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