Keyword Density Checker Tools

Keyword Density Checker Tools: One of the main SEO factors you should consider to rank your article on Google. This is the thing I am considering a lot when writing an article.

What is Keyword Density?

Keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword or appears on a web page compared to the total number of words on that page.

You should optimize your keywords carefully because over use of keywords in a blog post have more chance to get penalized by Google. That means, over SEO your contents that have  high keyword density will get Google Penalty.

So, You can’t use more keywords to get high rank on Google. So you should be careful when writing an article. Keyword density should be below 1%. You should make your keyword density 0.6%-1% to play safely with Google.

But, How to control Keyword Density of a Post?

Yeah! Here you should use the Keyword Density Checker. There are many keyword density checker online. Both paid and free.

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I’m using SEOPressor WordPress plugin to check Keyword Density. This plugin will show the keyword density when writing a blog post.

Useful right? But, This plugin is premium one and every one can’t afford this WordPress plugin.

Don’t worry. There are plenty of Online applications to check Keyword Density, known as Keyword Density Checker.

So, Let me list out the best Keyword Density tools available online.

Top 5 Best Keyword Density Checker Tools

SEOBook Free Keyword Density Analyzer Tool

SEOBook keyword density tool is the most popular and advanced keyword density checker. It have more functions than other free tools. You want to add text or website address that you want to check keyword density.

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There are options to include or exclude meta tag keywords, meta tag description, page title and you can set the minimum keyword length and occurrences. After checking a site or text they will display all the keywords with the no. of uses and keyword density.

SEOBook Free Keyword Density Analyzer Tool

Rapid Search Metrics Keyword Density Check

Rapid Search Metrics Keyword Density Check is another advanced keyword density tool. You want to give the URL, keyword (it is optional, otherwise this tool will search for all keywords) and you can limit the output keywords in it. One disadvantage of this tool is we want to enter the captcha every time. This will reduce our time badly. This tool will find most frequent keywords and calculate the percentage properly. And another disadvantage is we can only check keyword density 10 times in a day.

Rapid Search Metrics Keyword Density Check

Small SEO Tools Keyword Density Checker

Small SEO Tools Keyword Density Checker is a simple and easy to use Keyword Density Checker. We can check the keyword density by providing the website URL or copying the entire article to the text box. We can include or exclude the elements like Meta tags, Titles and Alt tags. We can provide the number of  key terms to display, number of words per phrase. Ads are disturbing us in the site and we want to enter the captcha to get results.

Small SEO Tools Keyword Density Checker

IMN Keyword Density Analysis Tool

Internet Marketing Ninjas Keyword Density Analysis tool is the most simplest  and one click keyword density checker. We just want to enter the URL to check keyword density and click on the button. They will give us 1,2,3 word phrases with count and keyword density. I think this is the most easy tool, But it have no function to search for the required keyword.

IMN Keyword Density Analysis Tool

SEOCentro Keyword Density

SEOCentro Keyword Density Tool is function rich Keyword Density checker which allow us to find keyword density of a whole website. We can include or exclude the title and description in this tool. We can also include or exclude numeric keywords in this tool.

SEOCentro Keyword Density


So you got a clear idea about Keyword Density and you’re well known about the best 5 Keyword density checker. But, I already said I am using SEOPressor to check keyword density and SEO score. It is the best keyword density tool. This plugin will help us to check keyword density on time and make changes to our article to correct keyword density.


  1. In SEO lots of things which make it better, keyword density is one of them .because if you want to share any content regarding your website it better combination of keywords density which is 2-5% .but without using tools we can’t satisfied them. so thank you so much for sharing and point out these small things to make seo better .

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