Effective Keyword Research

Effective Keyword Research: When doing any keywords research, the only tracking we do, we don’t do Crazy Egg, but Google has that thing where you can do a site overlay. It’ll show you what percentage of clicks are going through to certain pages and we keep an eye on that. It’s all about keeping on feeding the information back to itself. It is also about learning most top SEO techniques that you can find out.

For Planet 13, an e commerce site, I analyze the categories, which ones are getting the most clicks. Then I reorder it based on what is getting the most clicks. Band t-shirts and gloves and patches even used to be down the bottom. They used to be down with the key chains and girls’ t-shirts. But we found those ones weren’t converting as high, so we just started swapping things around based on what people were clicking on.

We keep an eye fixed on bounce rates. This is all through Google Analytics, that’s why if you have not installed Google Analytics you want to. We do look at bounce rates and improving that over a period of time. Bounce rate is when someone essentially visits the page and they don’t find what they want and they leave on the same page.

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I have got pages more than seventy PC, have some sometimes lower, it actually does just depend. You will find out where you are at and just try and constantly improve what you’re doing. The nicest thing you can do is throw up whatever you can and just improve it over a period of time. It’s the worst it’s ever going to be right now and you just keep polishing it. That was bounce rate.

Time on site. I think the average on a lot of our sites over the board is around one to two minutes. That is something that we do try and increase by doing small tweaks. It’s not so much that we’re trying to identify, yes, changing that increased the time on the page. It’s all the factors and it’s very hard for us to isolate because I’m changing so much at once. I probably need to get better at testing as well. Testing is one of those things, John Reese talked about it, testing, testing is just something that small tweaks can have big impact.

You can head over to eBay if you’re still struggling for keywords research, head over to eBay, have a look at some of the categories. Look for the top level categories and you can drill down. The way eBay works is they’ll give you the top categories. eBay are testing fanatics. eBay, Amazon and Zappos , these big guys have huge budgets, so if you model what it is that they do, if you’re looking for keywords, head over to eBay, look at some of the big categories, keep drilling down and you’ll find out a lot of the second tier type keywords. You may also go over a James Schramko interview to find out more on other research and marketing tactics.

The other thing as well, is something I don’t do enough of, mainly because I’ve had such a good experience with the SEO things, is testing first with pay per click. Many people start there. Before they get into SEO, they’ll run some pay per click campaigns, run some AdWords ads, run some Yahoo! ads, put some tracking to know what keywords are converting. Once they say, yes, this is a money phrase, then they start to optimize for that.

Now I am just throwing as much against the wall as I am able to and I could see what sticks. Their method doubtless sounds a tiny bit better and that’s something that we’ll be moving towards, especially for our customers, because we wish to get as quick wins as practical.

The final thing is the 80:20. Focus on the 20% that is going to give you the 80% of the results. Make sure that you create your keyword plan. When you’ve got a moment, just plan it out. Target your buying phrases. Try and find that balance between going for high competition type keywords with lots of searches and also the keywords that are going to convert into sales as well, installing Google Analytics and re-targeting based on your results.

That re-targeting based on your results is important. We do a lot of analysis on Planet 13 and then feeding the data back into itself and then also looking at Google Analytics. Follow those steps and you will be on your way to success. If you want to further improve your knowledge on advanced keywords research, a Market Samurai review should be of great help to you.