August 11, 2015

How to Build Backlinks to Get Website Traffic

how to build backlinks

Many people are confused about how to build backlinks. What it simply means, however, is that you are building your reputation by having your website noticed by as many other sites as possible which will link back to it, recommending it to their visitors.

You have probably heard about all the talk that’s been going on about building a lot of backlinks to your website, and how your SERP rank can increase as a result, making your site show up higher in search engine result lists. Well, this is all true, but there is a lot more to the story than you may think.

Why All the Hype about Backlinks

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be a tricky business, to say the least, and figuring out how to build backlinks is practically the bread and butter of all SEO techniques. The idea is that search engines use these links to determine which websites rank higher based on reputation. Now, you may think this is straightforward – just get as many links as possible, and you will rank higher. Algorithms based on this technique have been used for years, however and have considerably grown in complexity. Nowadays, it takes a lot more to succeed than just buying links.

You probably don’t need anyone to tell you how important it is to know how to build backlinks easily and rank high in some of the more popular search engines on the web. The idea is that the more relevant backlinks your site has in the niche you’ve chosen, the better your chances are of having a high ranking and also a high PR (Page Rank). Search engines are the main way people look for products, services and information on the internet, and if you have a business-related website that ranks on the first page for a couple of keywords, you can already start counting your extra profit.

Natural Methods of Building Backlinks

Build them yourself or get people to them for you. If you want to build backlinks without too much trouble, you have to start thinking like those who will visit your website. Ask yourself, “if I was a visitor, what type of content would make me link to this website, and share it with others?” The best answers will already start to come to you.

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Relevant Information

What most people want on the internet is information. If you want to see whether or not a product is worth buying, you read reviews, and if you want to know how to perform a task you search for a guide. Try, therefore, to provide people with reviews, “how to” guides or reviews containing as much relevant information as possible for your niche.


To build backlinks easily, your content needs to be easy to read. Most readers are in a hurry, so adding shortlists to your articles is the best way to ensure that they don’t get bored. This could be a top 10 list for a product in your niche to a list of sites or places that might be of interest to someone.


Even better than lists, infographics provide more detail and specificity for those who want to look up information that is slightly more difficult to understand. Adding infographics to your site will help illustrate concepts and task management ideas in an incredibly easy way.

Building Backlinks Yourself

You can build backlinks yourself to your site either by hand or by using some sort of link building tool. For new sites, I usually start doing it by hand, building links on the places that are good to that I can’t with any tool. Such as creating a Facebook page and posting my sites posts to it and getting some fans and creating a Twitter account to manually commenting on high PR blogs in the same niche. There are many places to build backlinks on today that Google shows a lot of authority to so you don’t want to miss out on any backlinks from them in order to get website traffic from the search engines naturally. Some of these places include;

• The Major Article Directories
• High PR Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites
• Human Edited Link Directories
• Social Networking Sites
• High PR URL related niche Blogs
• Web 2.0 Sites and Microblogs

Avoid Losing a Lot of Money

There are, of course, many seemingly easy ways in which you can get backlinks without focusing too much on your content. You can buy links directly from website owners or online brokers, and you can find numerous paid packages with tools that can submit press releases or articles, for instance, on a variety of high PR websites. Be careful when buying links this way though as it’s something that Google definitely doesn’t consider “natural link building”. While most of the people who promote these products and services are honest, it can be difficult to figure out which ones offer you genuine help and advice, and which are just out to get your money. It isn’t always easy, therefore, to figure out what the best ways to build backlinks are.

If you’re a beginning website owner, you’ve probably only scratched the surface when it comes to all the complicated methods you can use to increase your ranking. You will, therefore, have to do a lot of research, and use caution about the types of services you hire to do this type of work for you, particularly if you want to use your site to promote your online business. While employing the use of various Web 2.0 blogs and websites, Article Directories and Social Networking sites, as well as other applications and packages that can promote your site on a list of popular website, can be intriguing, you really have to be careful about What you spend your money on though. There are many products out there which may be very much overkill for you.

When it comes to figuring out how to build backlinks easily, sometimes a creative idea is all that you need in order to become successful. I find it literally helps to write out on paper or on my PC what I am going to do, depending on the site or pages competition and authority. Call it 10x articles posted to the top 50 Article Directories or 1000 PR5+ Link Directory submissions or bookmarked to the top 50 Social Bookmarking sites. Whatever it takes to see that site or page appear on the first page of Google for the keywords it is trying to compete for. Have a plan and stick to it for guaranteed success in getting more website traffic!

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