Grammarly Review

Grammarly Review – If you are a blogger, article writer or magazine author and producing thousands of words on the daily basis, you must be aware how much difficult is to read our written content.

I am sure; your answer would be YES!

On the other hand, if you are confident what you have written is 100% error Free. It is not even possible because the writers of New York Times also need editors, who give the finishing touch to their articles.

If you are not an English speaker by birth, you must need someone who may read your articles and make it error free. If you are financially strong and can afford a native editor, it would be great to make your articles perfect.

On the other hand, we all know this is not possible for everyone to afford such professional editors from US, UK, Canada or Australia.

Thinking about the problem? Don’t worry, if you need a tool to help proof-read your work!

I have only one name “Grammarly” which can make your article error free by correcting typos and major grammar errors. This Grammarly review let you know that this is a perfect grammar checker to proofread your articles, book chapters and blog posts.

By the end of this Grammarly review, you’ll know how this grammar checker tool is going to be beneficial for you. Below you’ll know how this tool can help you check grammar and spelling online. This grammar checker is worth it for the non-English writers.

Grammarly Review – Who Should Choose Grammarly?

Grammarly is for you if you are a student, a professional writer, a business person, bloggers or the one who wants to improve his/her English writing skills.

It doesn’t matter what you are writing about; Grammarly gives you the confidence of mistake-free writing every time you write.

How Grammarly Helps Writers?

The Grammarly shows you different types of grammar errors such as:

  • Spelling
  • Structure
  • Contextual
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation

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When you click on the error, it will show you a message to explain the problem. The tool identifies possible ways to correct the error.

Grammarly Can Help You in Identifying

  • Confused prepositions
  • Overuse of the passive voice
  • Wordy sentences

Grammarly Review – How it Gets Better

Once you start using Grammarly, you’ll know many stances structures you are writing wrong. The tool shows the most appropriate options to correct the error so you may choose the best one to turn your writing style better.

Free Vs. Premium Grammarly Version

Grammarly offers two type of services the one basic which is available for free and the other one is advanced which is available at very affordable annual cost.

When you will signup for this tool after reading the Grammarly review, they will ask you to choose the premium version or you may continue with the free version. Is Grammarly Premium worth the price?

The free version offers you basic mistakes like grammar, spelling, punctuation and contextual. However, it is not available for web browser and Microsoft products. If you are an article writer and just producing simple but informative content the free version can suites your need.

The premium version offers you advanced grammar, contextual, spelling and punctuation mistakes also suggest you most appropriate alternative words to use in your article. It is also available for web browsers and Microsoft products to produce error free messages.

Why Grammarly?

Eliminate Major Grammar Mistakes

The Grammarly website claims the software can correct more than 250 types of grammar errors. It helps you to make your article a great to read by eliminating poor vocabulary and spelling errors.

Made by World’s Leading Linguists’ Team

Many world famous linguists took part to create this online grammar tool and created a powerful algorithm to develop this software.

Not Only Limited to Articles

The Grammarly offers extension and add-on for famous web browsers to make your chats free from grammar errors. You can use Grammarly while writing your emails, chatting on Facebook or creating #tag tweet on Twitter.

Plagiarism Checker

Pleased to write this Grammarly review because it is not only limited to grammar checking, but it also offers plagiarism checking to make sure you are not going to catch on the Google. As a writer, you must know to write 100% quality as well as 100% original article and grammarly helps you to create a perfect piece of content with both of these features. If you are a client who is purchasing the article from other writes, grammarly helps you to know the quality and uniqueness of articles.

Vocabulary Enhancement

This is one of the most useful features of Grammarly. I like this vocabulary enhancement feature. The tool scans the whole article and finds the words with excesses use and will give you most appropriate suggestions to replace with.

Use Grammarly Add-In for Microsoft Word

Grammarly offers to use their Add-in for Microsoft products and identify errors when you are writing in Microsoft Word. However, to use Grammarly Add-in, you must be a premium member of software. When you get registered for the premium version, they will ask you to download and install it for Microsoft products. Grammarly for MS Office:

Using the Web Version of Grammarly

If you are a marketer or a company and you have to communicate through chats, to use correct grammar is one of the foremost requirements. Your messages must be free from spelling and grammar errors to hit the customer’s mind positively.

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If you are the one who have to communication through email or other web browser chat services. This Grammarly review can help you to know how to produce quality and error free messages. If you are a student and have to write a lot of essays but want to be sure that you have produced grammar error free content.

Using the web version of this software is extremely simple and easy. You’d just need to login to your account and choose the new document option and paste your content there. You may also check your content grammar by upload files from your computer. Grammarly’s Editor:

Is Grammarly Always Correct?

If you are pretty sure about your writing skills and you think you have used perfect grammar in your article. There’s no need to change the sentence with the Grammarly suggestion. Sometimes it can be wrong usually Grammarly shows the error of a “Passive Sentence” even if you write it perfectly. In these situations, you may ignore the software’s suggestion.

On the other hand, grammarly is usually correct about punctuation and spelling errors. For example, it will help you to identify the use of “affect” and “effect”. Sometimes using some pair of words in a sentence, we make a typo and grammarly helps us to identify and correct the little error that can be the cause of a major change in the context of the sentence.


As you are reading from the mid of this Grammarly review, the software has tons of advantages. However, there are some that we cannot ignore.

Better than MS Word – No doubt MS words helps us to know the spell mistakes in our content but when it comes to the advanced use of grammar Microsoft Word is unable to deduct errors. On the other hand, Grammarly is the tool that deducts major as well as minor issues in the content.

Grammarly covers over 250 types of Vocabulary, Grammar and Spelling, Punctuation errors.

Plagiarism Checker – It provides grammar as well as plagiarism checker option and deduct phrases that Google considered as copied. We all know Google penalizes the websites having over 30% of copied content. This is very important to make sure we are producing plagiarism free content.

Availability – Grammarly can be used as web app, desktop software and as a Microsoft Office Add-in.


There are not any major cons about the functionality of this tool, however, just like other software it also has couple of things that you might have to face while using Grammarly.

Use of Web App Space – When you will log into the dashboard of this tool, its steering bar and Choices Panel is fixed, and even a lot of interplanetary in the addendum is also secure for no reason at all. This decreases the work space to some extent.

Accessibility – It isn’t accessible if you are offline you must have an internet connection to use Grammarly. If you do not have the internet connection, you may not be able to use the software.

Speed Issue – If you are using a low specs computer or having a bit slower internet connection it may cause to decrease your Microsoft Word load speed for immigration.


Where Can I Learn More About Grammarly?

If you don’t know how to use this software, visit they’re about page or connect with support through Facebook they will guide you to learn the use grammar tool.

Is It Possible to Learn English Grammar by Using Grammarly?

If you are thinking about it, the answer is YES, as a writer everyone wants to be a good English writer and Grammarly can help those. The Grammarly algorithm shows the details of each identified error and explains what wrong is in the sentence and how it can be corrected.

What Is Grammarly Algorithm Designed to Do?

Grammarly is a powerfully built algorithm designed by the famous proofreaders and linguists but a cost effective tool to save your proofreading cost. This online tool not only identifies and corrects the errors but also let you know the reason of each identified mistake to teach you English. Some of the software are easy to have faster correction speed, but they are not correct as Grammarly.

Grammarly Vs. Other Grammar Checker Tools

When it comes to talking about easy to use and accuracy in finding errors, Grammarly is on top of the list. There are many others software available for this purpose, but they are not meeting with all of the requirements for non-native English writers.

Proofreading: Grammarly Vs. Human

You might get amazed, how Grammarly replace a human proofreader? When it comes to comparing Grammarly with the human proofreading, the answer will be NO.

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Many time Grammarly overlook many mistakes that are not added to their algorithm. The software is not able to identify all of the contextual mistake or feedback’s that a human proofreader can do.

What then? After checking your content by Grammarly if you are still not satisfied with the quality you can send your content to the professional proofers for $.02 per word.

However, it is somehow costly for the grammarly, but if you are writing a book, you must pay a professional proofreader to correct all errors.

Grammarly Review – Should You Pay For Grammarly?

In case you are an article writer and confident enough about your writing skills, there’s no need to go with the premium version. On the other hand, a person who is looking for more technical, academic writing or book writing that requires lots of care about sentence structure, you must go with the premium version of Grammarly.

This app is not necessary for all writers, but will be a very useful addition to make your content free from errors that usually overlooked by the human eye.


This online grammar checker is fully equipped and accurate. It is very easy to use and delivers useful response though the long clarifications may give you more info than you need. This grammar check facility has a high Accuracy Score and knows a diversity of common linguistic errors.

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However, it does not no-win situation everyone. Grammarly should not be careful the final word in meaning, syntax and grammar, but it is an obliging aid when you essential meaning and grammar check. Also, its wide explanations and individual grammar guide can teach you grammar instructions.