Best Elliptical Machines for Home Use

Elliptical for Home Use

This is considered one of the most used cardio machines in the gym and at home. They are known the best home elliptical machines but there are other machines in the gym that are called  elliptical too.Elliptical trainers that are focused just on the lower body,Elliptical cross trainers that lets you work out both upper and lower body,and elliptical gliders that are pretty much the same as the  elliptical trainers but the pedal moves forward and backward only instead of going in circles thus the name glider.There are plenty of elliptical machines in the market today for home use too.From the ones  that are compact, to the ones  that has the most sophisticated high-tech features that lets you connect to an app on your digital device and smartphone or lets you download your data from heart rates and other information to track your progress and what not.

Choosing what’s best for you might get you in the nerves as there are a lot in the list to consider but the list below will help you which one would suit you best.


The number one that needs to be considered is your much are you willing to spend for a home elliptical machine?The best  there is the market usually ranges from $1000-$2100.Those machines that fall under that price range are the ones with the high_ tech and advance features.But the question is, do you really need all those high- tech stuff?Or just for the fancy of it? What’s your goal in getting an elliptical machine? Is it losing weight while getting data of all your vitals as to record your progress? Or you can ditch those off and just focus on the losing weight part?

You can also cheek out websites where they offer discounted price.You’ll save more than getting it in store, Plus some would offer free deliveries so take advantage of that.


You need to go to a local store to try out one of the elliptical machine you’re considering of buying.This machine is almost like an investment for your health and well being plus it doesn’t come cheap.So you want to have an elliptical machine that you’re comfortable with using in the long run.You need to consider an elliptical that will keep you upright with a good posture and won’t have awkward positions while holding the handles.


Another one to consider is the size of the home elliptical machine.There are compact sized machines but they tend to have less features and functionality.The average size of an elliptical trainer is roughly 6 feet long  by 2.5 feet wide. However, the length varies depending on the brand as it may range from 50-84 inches.You also need to consider the height of the elliptical machines since it tends to be higher than a treadmill due to its pedals.So you have to measure the height of the space where you plan to use it.

It usually takes much space  so it you’re living in an apartment flat, plan ahead and measure the space you’re using for the elliptical machine.


Programs can give you other options to do on your elliptical machine. Doing the same routing might make other people get bored easily and up not using the machine more often.It’s good to check out what are the exercise programs that the machine can offer.Common programs are manual, Uphill, interval, random,long slow distance and target heart rate. Bear in mind that different brands have  different names for the programs but almost has the same function.


Resistance is one of the things to consider as well. You don’t want to start with the easiest setting but you’re having hard time already. Check out if the lowest setting would make you pedal easy and then gives  you room for improvement as you gradually go higher on setting. Some elliptical machine have the option to do an incline. Just check the user manual it you need to adjust it manually of automated.


This is the deal breaker right here brands many offer the best of features but if they have the worst after sales program them you might reconsider buying the product that the brand is selling.make sure that the machine you’re ought to buy has a longer warranty period. You never know if the machine needs to be service anytime on the first year.


This list are the few stuff needs consideration aside from the major ones above.

*Technology and Features –Check out what high –tech features does the brand offer. There might be wireless connections for your digital device or maybe a screen where you can play videos or music.

*Heart rate programs – Some offers heart rate programs so you can keep track on it.

*Safety Features – Your kids might be around playing and might end up messing with the elliptical machine. You might want to consider one that has safety features.

*Built – in accessories – Check out what accessories are includes on your machine. It’s better to get more than what you paid for right?

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