Celebration of New Year’s Eve in Miami with Your Family


Miami is not really the top destination spot for families. However, it can be a good place for everyone planning to spend New Year’s Eve in Miami or other nearby locations. Aside from offering a good city profile, it also sets numerous activities for families during the event. People in the area are ecstatic since they will welcome the New Year and bidding farewell to the past year. If you’re planning to visit Miami during New Year’s Eve, here are several activities to take advantage of to guarantee enjoyment among family members.

See the Fireworks Display

The Bayfront Park Amphitheater is the famous site for fireworks display set in the city. See the beautiful fireworks as they are fired in harmony with music. Visiting the site is for free and also lets you see the Big Orange drop once the clock ticks 12MN. Live performances are also scheduled, so you’ll have entertainment while waiting for the countdown. Be sure to check its schedule online to set your expectation and plan your visit.

New Year’s Eve Parade

One of the traditional and annual events held in Miami is the King Mango Strut parade. Set in Coconut Grove, you’ll see the parade that will pass along the Main Highway going to the CocoWalk in the said grove. The Little Miss Mango event is also scheduled as a pageant for children and something that you should include in your itinerary. The pageant commences around 1PM while other events and the parade will start at nighttime.

Check Out Santa’s Enchanted Forest

For locals, celebrating Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Miami is incomplete without paying this site a visit. It offers a wide array of animated and lighted exhibitions that will make you feel like a child again. Dropping by at this site, however, is recommended if you’ll stay in Miami for several days up until the New Year since exhibition opens during Christmas time until 5PM of December 31. The site is established in Tropical Park and will certainly bring smiles to your kids.

Drop by at the Miami Children’s Museum

Presenting primarily cultural attractions, the Miami Children’s Museum will remain open until New Year’s Eve day and will serve as a good hangout place for kids. They can enjoy interactive activities and film showing. Not only kids as this site is also famous among adults who feel young at heart.

Staying at the Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive sets out fireworks display for visitors. The site is recommended for families with very young children due to the scenic drive and overall appeal of the place. Beach party is held at 7PM on site and will be a good place for every family to bond with each other.

New Year’s Eve in Miami has its own festivities that you can enjoy as a visitor. Take time to check these places before visiting the sites and be prepared for your travel. Check out possible fees although you can expect many of these places to have free entrances while presenting other activities for the family.