Best Knife Sharpener Reviews of 2017 (Buying GUIDE)


Have your knives lost their edge? Are you planning to throw them away and invest in new knives? Well, I offer today to save money!

A knife is a tool that serves us much in the kitchen. Over the course of the use, it no longer cuts well and requires a good sharpener to restore its effectiveness.

Indeed, with a knife sharpener, you can restore all your blades very easily!

In order to choose the Best Knife Sharpener, we recommend that you check out some features, such as the type of sharpener, ease of use and ease of maintenance.

Whatever your budget and your need, you will necessarily find the product you need in my selection of the Best Rated Knife Sharpeners!

What is a Knife Sharpener?

A knife sharpener is an indispensable tool with which the blunt blade of a knife or scissors can be sharpened. A wide range of knife sharpeners is available in kitchen food stores, ranging from simple commercial sharpeners to electric sharpeners. This can be ceramics, steel or even diamond.


This tool is very useful to have, as a cutting blade much more efficient, and regular grinding can extend the life of your knives. Many communities also support a professional sharpener will sharpen the blades for a small fee; Sometimes a professional agreement with special blades, such as scissors, in addition to standard kitchen knives.

When a knife is made, is crushed to a specific shape designed for a particular function. Many milling styles can be found on the market, ranging from serrated blades that are ideally designed for bread and convex tomato blades to cleanse dense foods like melons.

After grinding, the blade is sharpened so that a cutting edge. Over time, this edge will break, even if a knife is handled with care, and a sharpener is used to renew this edge.

Types of Knife Sharpener

Electric Knife Sharpener

The electric knife sharpener allows sharpening simple and practices your knife. The knife sharpener can sharpen both your knives and scissors. This utensil is compact enough to store it easily in your kitchen.

In general, the electric sharpener has a means of winding the mains cord on the base of the appliance.

Manual Knife Sharpener

Manual sharpeners cost less than electric sharpeners because you do most of the work and it requires more effort. Many people like manual sharpening tools because they are more compact and allow the individual to have more control during the sharpening process. Manual sharpeners do not take up as much space as the other automatic ones, and you can easily take them with you during camping.

Sharpening / Honing Steels

For everyday sharpening, the sharpening steels are suitable.

Diamond Steels: The stem is covered with steel with several million industrial diamonds. Its abrasive surface makes it possible to recreate the thread of a knife quickly.

Ceramic Cut: The rod is made of ceramic; this material is less hard than diamond but more than steel. The surface of the ceramic cut is abrasive but finer than that of the diamond steels.

How does a Knife Sharpener work?

The principle underlying a knife sharpener is quite simple - so simple, that there are simple models for only a few dollars to buy. Although these cheap variants have their weaknesses. Whatever abrasive material may be used - the process of grinding is basically the same.

In the widely used manually guided knife sharpeners, the abrasive material is quickly pulled by hand over the blade of the blunt knife from both sides. Thus, the bent edge of the blade is directed (the technical term for it is Burr) again, and the knife retains its sharpness. For this work, the abrasive material must be harder than the blade to be sharpened.

This is one of the reasons why especially inexpensive knife sharpeners often do not have the desired effect: they are made of too soft steel and cannot produce enough pressure. Some grinding stones are impregnated with water before starting grinding. At the same time, the material should be protected and a higher degree of sharpness achieved.

Things to be considered before Buying Best Knife Sharpener?

What is the best knife sharpener on the market and what is the best way to sharpen a knife? This topic is a vast subject, as there are two types of people. The first one who does not have the time and comfort of his kitchen. He wants to Sharpen his chef's knife, and there is the other who is in a survival situation (drill ...), and he has all the time and knowledge to use a sharpening stone to have a fine blade.

So to simplify things, I'll start with two things, the first one (sharpening for cooking ) for people who are looking for a quick fix that does not take up a lot of space on their shelves. And Second, ( sharpening survival knives ) that seeks an effective and small solution to carry it into their survival bag.

To help you decide what type of sharpening or sharpener you need, answer the following questions:

1. What kinds of knives do you want to sharpen? Kitchen knife? Hunting knife? Pocket knives?

2. Where will you sharpen? In the kitchen? Outside or Outdoor?

3. How much time can you devote to sharpen your knife? Less than 5 min? Less than 30 min? 30 min and more?

So, if you want to have a Good Knife Sharpener, you must learn how to buy a knife sharpener for better value. This buying guide for the Best Knife Sharpeners has been developed to help you achieve this. You have to consider the following topics:

Which knives should I sharpen?

From the selection of knives to be sharpened also depends on the suitability of the desired knife sharpener. For long blades, of course, a correspondingly large knife sharpener is required, for very sharp blades a hard grinding material is required.

The Knife Sharpener System

Our first advice would be to clarify a little about the knife sharpener system. Indeed, there are three kinds of knife sharpeners: electric models, models with sharpening stone and conventional rifles.

So, if you have a lot of knives whose blades are blunt, opt for the electric models because you will save time and energy. With these models, you simply plug the appliance into place, place the knife in the slot and let the device work alone. Note that the electric knife sharpeners are suitable for all kinds of knives so that you will have in your possession a versatile appliance.

If you want to have control during your knife blade sharpening sessions, manual models with sharpening stone will go perfectly. However, you will have to prepare yourself to do a little physical work, because you will do the work in part.

Finally, the table on a diamond or ceramic rifle if you need to sharpen the blades of your knives before using them; The rifle is an adjustable knife sharpener.

The Type of Sharpener

Depending on the use and your skills in the field, you will be able to choose between several types of sharpeners. For amateurs, a manual or electric sharpener will be a great choice. For those with more advanced skills, a sharpening stone may be a good solution.

The Sharpening Material

Not all knife sharpeners use the same sharpening material. Thus, you will have the choice between tungsten carbon. This is the most widely used material in the field. Diamond is also very common because of its great resistance. There is also natural stone. Sharpening stones are the most complex to use.

The Grip Mode

If you do not want to cut your finger by sharpening the knife, it is important to choose a stable and secure device. Suction cups have the advantage of being perfectly stable and allow you to use only one hand to sharpen your knives. The handle models are also particularly ergonomic and often provide protection for safe sharpening.

The Type of Sharpening Blade

Choosing your knife sharpener will, of course, depend on the type of blade you want to sharpen. Indeed, some models are only provided for flat blade knives. Others may allow you to sharpen tooth knives (bread knife or meat knife). Finally, you can also sharpen the blades of your scissors with some sharpeners.

Utilization Facility

Before buying, of course, you will have to consider its ease of use.

To do this, you just have to see the user manual of the device. In this way, you will be assured that it is easy to use.

Obviously, this is especially true for electric models, because manual models and rifles are quite easy to use.

Maintenance and Durability

The last parameters you will need to check are maintenance and durability over time.

Indeed, if you opt for a hard knife sharpener to maintain, you will waste your time, and then you will be frustrated.

So before looking for where to buy a new knife sharpener, learn about everything you need to do to maintain the model you are interested in, its durability in time.

Subsequently, you can go to a price comparison site to find the best price and make a good deal. Before making your final purchase, always check the warranty offered by the brand of knife sharpener you are interested.

Why buy a knife sharpener?

Buying the Best Knife Sharpener means choosing to save money. Indeed, if you regularly use your kitchen knives, the blade can quickly lose its edge. To avoid regularly buying new knives, a sharpener will allow you to extend their life considerably.

What is the price of a knife sharpener?

The price to spend on buying a knife sharpener is not necessarily very important. Indeed, you will find models at low prices. It takes about $12 for entry-level models. The most elaborate models will cost you around $25. But electric knife sharpener is the little bit expensive. A high quality Best Electric Knife Sharpener would cost above $100.

Recommended Best Knife Sharpener

AnySharp Pro Knife Sharpener, Metal, Royal Red

If you are looking for a cheap and powerful knife sharpener, then the AnySharp sharpener is definitely made for you. It will allow you to restore very easily in one move all your blade knives blunted by time.


It also works for all types of knives, including those with serrated blades. Indeed, its sharpening technology uses tungsten carbide for a perfect result on any blade. This will significantly extend the life of your kitchen knives, for example.

The AnySharp sharpener is also equipped with a Patented PowerGrip suction cup that ensures your safety. You only have to fix your Sharpener on any flat and smooth surface to use it. This will protect your hand from any risk of breakage. Be aware that this sharpener can be fixed to the wall on a wall tile or the door of a fridge for example.

This knife sharpener is undoubtedly made for people who love beautiful things and practical gadgets. Moreover, it is not a simple gadget, because this device can effectively sharpen the blade of your meat knives, that of your vegetable knives and even the blades of the knives-saws. Better yet, this small machine can sharpen your knives with incredible precision.

In addition, this small appliance will find its place anywhere in your home, and if you want it, you can even attach it to the wall for even more convenience. The only downside you can blame this knife sharpener is the fact that it is so effective that the knives become dangerous once they are passed into the ingenious system of this ingenious twist. Also, note that it will contribute to the proper functioning of your culinary preparations.

Given all it can do with all of your knives, it is normal that it is one of the Best Knife Sharpeners of 2017.


  • A compact and interesting design: Its compactness and the fact that it is so pleasant that will help you adopt it right away.
  • A versatile knife sharpener: The Anysharp model can help you sharpen all the knives you have at home. It can sharpen even serrated knives (e.g. Bread knives, hunting knives). It also can sharpen hardened knives (e.g. Global, Sabatier)
  • The precision is at the rendezvous: This model surprises by its legendary precision; The blades of the knives will, therefore, be sharpened.
  • Easy & Safety: The knife sharpener can protect you, it has a solid and stable base. It is easy to use and no skill required, anyone can get great results.


You have to learn how to handle it: To have good results, you will have to take the time to read its user manual.

Smith's Adjustable Edge Pro Electric Knife Sharpener

If you are looking for an affordable electric knife sharpener, then Smith adjustable edge pro is one of the best electric knife sharpeners for it’s incredible performance. It has some extra ordinary features which make it an indispensable knife sharpener. It can sharpen knife easily and neatly. It has 10.4 x 5.8 x 3.8 inches dimensions and weight 6.7 pounds.



  • It has interlocking wheels in 2 abrasive materials (Diamonds and Ceramics) which self-align the blade.
  • It can sharpen both sides of the knife blade at the same time.
  • It can sharpen the edge within the short time.
  • It has manual sharpener features. i.e. It has serrated blade sharpening slot and preset sharpening angles
  • It has non-slip rubber hand grip.


  • It has not the major drawback.

Accusharp Knife Sharpener 

This model is a little different from the ones I've just suggested. Indeed, its manual grip makes its use very easy.

Whether you're right-handed or left-handed, you just have to grab the handle of this sharpener to restore sharpness to all your kitchen knives. This sharpener can be used on any type of blade, including the serrated blades of your bread or meat knives. Simply slide the blade through the guide to restore your knife.

best-cheap-knife -sharpener

Sharpening is ensured by Diamond- reinforced tungsten carbide blades and ensures a long life of your sharpener. These blades can be replaced easily when they are too worn.

What I like most especially in this hand sharpener is the hand protection system that holds the device composed of a hard plastic strip. It dimension is 8.8 x 4 x 1.1 inches.


  • It can sharpen your knives easily, quickly, and accurately.
  • It has diamond-honed tungsten carbide blades.
  • It has Safety Hand Grip Prevents Cuts
  • It has replacement blades for all AccuSharp Sharpening Tools (2 blades per pack) – It can easily install with a screwdriver.

Smith's Adjustable Manual Knife Sharpener

This knife sharpener is excellent. It is diamond and works very well with survival knives that have V-shaped blades. It also works very well with any kind of tool ending with V blades. It has an excellent ability to sharpen. Moreover, it is very small, so easy to wear. This product dimension is 10.8 x 2.5 x 1.2 inches, and weight is 10.6 ounces.


Simply slide your blade 4 to 5 times into the knife blade, and you will get a sharp edge. The beauty of this sharpener is that it can also be used on serrated blades. Thanks to it, you will be able to keep all your knives sharpened. So why do you deny it? Buy it now!


  • It can sharpen a wide variety of knives.
  • It can sharpen very dull or damaged blades quickly.
  • It has two stages sharpening for standard knives (coarse and fine)
  • It can sharpen serrated blade (fixed angle)
  • It can be used to maintain the edge on knives that are already sharp.
  • It has easily adjustable knob which can sharpen at a wide range of angles (14 degrees/side to 24 degrees/side)
  • It has replaceable abrasive materials.
  • It has non-slip rubber feet and soft grip handle.

 Fiskars Xsharp Axt

The Fiskars Xsharp knife sharpener is without a doubt the best Fiskars sharpener. Indeed, it was created to sharpen the various knives and axes for left and right handed.

Although it is said that it is more effective on axes, it can still effectively sharpen kitchen knives, table knives, pocket knives and even bread knives.

It only has a simple sharpening system, but it is a solid and reliable system that will leave the blades of your sharp knives and axes sharp.


Simply hold it firmly, slide the sharpening blades into the slot provided for this purpose and then bring the object back to you and the trick will be played. After that, you can afford to store this item in your drawers under cover or in a tool kit, because it is compact and lightweight.

As for its price, know that it is quite affordable and therefore you can get one for yourself, but also for the people you care about. Indeed, considering what it can do, you can easily offer it as a gift.

Considering all it can do, it's no wonder that the Fiskars Xsharp / 120740 is on our leaderboard.


  • Everyone can use it: Whether you are left-handed or right-handed, you can easily use this device.
  • It is useful on axes: It can even sharpen the blades of axes, so it is convenient for people who often use this kind of thing.
  • It is lightweight and compact: For both storage and transport, this knife sharpener is convenient because it is light and compact.
  • It can sharpen both axes and knives.
  • Its ceramic wheels can sharpen both sides of the knife blade.
  • It has safety guard protects hands and fingers while sharpening the knife.
  • Its fiber construction-reinforced fiberglass composite materials provide strength and durability
  • It has lifetime warranty


Ceramic discs do not last: It is mainly made of ceramic, this knife sharpener does not last in time because the ceramic components are fragile.

Chef's Choice 316 Diamond Sharpener

If you are looking for the high quality electric knife sharpener, without a doubt, the chef's choice 316 is the best reference for tools and accessories in the kitchen. Its most basic electric sharpener model is this 316.

It is suitable for all types of knives. It can sharpen worn or burning the surface (something we can find with sharpener knives cheaper).


The Chef'sChoice models will help you to sharpen your knives without difficulty. The machines sharpen your knives in 2 or 3 steps (depending on the model), using diamond discs


  • The technology and design are very robust, which facilitates the use (we apply only a little pressure to sharpen the knife).
  • The sharpening process takes place in two stages.
  • 120-watt sharpener designed especially for Asian-style knives.
  • Stage 1 uses fine 100% diamond abrasive to sharpen and hone.
  • Stage 2 uses ultra-fine 100% diamond abrasive to strop and polish.
  • Precision guides sharpen at 15 degrees ensuring thin, razor-sharp edges.
  • Its dimension is 8.5 by five by 4 inches; It has the 1-year limited warranty.

Chef's Choice 120 Diamond Hone 3-Stage Professional Knife Sharpener

This sharpener is designed for domestic or professional use, with an intensive use frequency.

The sharpening process is carried out in 3 steps. It has diamond grinding wheels that provide professional sharpening.


One of its advantages compared to the cheaper models are their material: non-stick backing to prevent accidents, magnetic guides, etc. Of course, it is suitable for all types of knives (smooth, striated, Asian, ham, etc.)

The electric sharpener Chef's Choice 120 has for years been the preferred model of individuals. A powerful motor operates large diamond grinding wheels that will sharpen your knives in a very short time.

Opinion is very quiet. I do not always get the best sharp but when I do very well-cut knives.


  • It can use with chef's knives, butcher knives, sporting knives, and serrated blades.
  • It has 100 percent diamond abrasives in Stages 1and 2 sharpen and hone.
  • Stropping and polishing in stage 3 for hairsplitting sharpness.
  • Its dimension is 9-3/4 by 4 by 4-1/4 inches; It has the three-year warranty.

Chef's Choice 1520 Angle Select Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener

The Chef's Choice Sharpening machines are manufactured by EdgeCraft, an American firm. The first Chef's Choice machine was put on the market in 1985. It created a revolution in the field of domestic sharpening.

In a few minutes, you will get a sharp edge with a Chef's Choice machine and your knives will return to their factory sharp edges. And most Chef's Choice sharpeners use a 20-degree angle. This is an ideal angle for sharpening European type knives. Most Asian knives need to be sharpened at an angle of 15 degrees. You can also sharpen them with a Chef's Choice sharpener. The angle is larger, but the result is the same razor edge.


The Chef's Choice 1520 sharpener is intended for professionals for everyday use. It is specially designed for an environment that requires a razor edge every day. For this machine, we also have new replacement discs to extend the life of the machine in case of heavy use.


  • The precise and symmetrical sharpening in 2 or 3 successive bevels: sharpening and sharpening, which guarantees to obtain a convex blade more resistant, less wear afterward. Abrasive wheels with a very long service life.
  • Sharpening with discs covered with diamonds, which allows the operation to be carried out extremely quickly, without heating the blade and therefore without soaking the steel of the blades.
  • The small footprint of this range makes it easy to keep them handy.
  • Guidance of the sharpening angle provided by magnets, which allows anyone even without training and in complete safety to perfectly sharpen the knives. For left-handers as for right-handers.
  • Sharpening is done safely with the blade always facing downwards.
  • It has electric 3-stage knife sharpener for straight, serrated, single-, and double-bevel knives
  • It puts a sharp edge on American/European (20 degrees) and Asian-style (15 degrees) knives.
  • It has patented flexible stropping/polishing disks for a microscopically polished edge.
  • It has 100 percent diamond abrasives sharpen and hone.
  • Its dimension is 2 by 6-1/5 by 6-2/5 inches and 3-year limited warranty.

Presto EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener

Presto is one of the premier electric knife sharpeners. It is comparatively low priced with high performing capabilities. It has two-stage sharpening system which can sharpen knife blade quickly and effectively.



  • It is easy to use.
  • Its two-stage sharpening system quickly and easily sharpens any non-serrated blade for professional results in the convenience of your home.
  • Presto knife sharpener is 120 volts.
  • Precision blade guides position the knife at the ideal sharpening angle for perfect results every time
  • Creates a razor-sharp edge in seconds using sharpening wheels, the same ultra-hard material used by professional shops

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To conclude, if you are looking for a way to increase the life span of all your knives, I can advise you to invest in the Best Knife Sharpener. You can choose your knife sharpener from the range of electric, manual and rifles knife sharpener. Before buying you should take into consideration the above guides and suggestion.

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