January 23, 2017

Best Bike Trails in the US

Since 19th-century, bike riding is being used as a human powered vehicle (HPV) for transport or exercise. But in recent years, bike riding has become more popular for sport or recreation. Every day people are exploring new trails for bike riding which makes their cycling experience more amazing. To add some extra amusement to this cycling recreation, bike manufacturers are making bikes based on the levels of the bikers. They design bikes in different styles and strength for different trails. For example, if you are a novice biker and if you want to ride in mountain trail, you must choose one of the best entry level mountain bike Because these bikes are specialized for mountain riding while these bikes suite well with the beginners.

There are more than 40,000 miles of scenic bike trails in the US. Unlike these seaside or mountain trails, US has a wide range of terrains strew for bikers from beginners to professionals.

Little Pan Loop

This black cycling trail is famous for its cotton candy blue skies and striking glimpses of Agna Fia River. This is a 24 miles round trail which provides riders with exciting climbs.

Big Sur

This 100 miles long mountainside trail covers all the way from Carmel to Cambria in California. This trail has a scenic beauty of both mountain and rivers.

High Bridge Park Trail

This trail is situated in Washington Heights. This trail is about 3 miles long and famous for its landscape beauty. This trail is suitable for the beginners.

Memorial Park Trail

This trail is suitable for all level of bikers which is situated in Texas. These park facilities the bikers with 50,632 acres land of natural beauty for cycling.

Jalama Back Ride

This 34.5 miles long trail is situated at Solvang. This trail is suitable for the beginners. You will find both rock and ocean scene in this way.

Shark Valley Trail

This 15 miles long trail is an amazing park a beginner can easily suit with during his first time cycling. This trail is situated in Florida. This park presents the scenery of fish and bird at a time to a biker.

Cedar Rock Trail

This trail is located in Hendersonville. This trail is 1.4 miles long.You’ll encounter all that you adore about mountain biking in this way, which is likewise open to climbers and horseback riders. Other than trees, soil and sand, you’ll ride over a portion of the best stone and slickrock trails in the East.

Sand Hog Hill

This trail is built on an old mine. Sands and hill climb of this trail discourages the beginners for cycling here. But this trail amuses the bikers of intermediate levels with its mountain view. This 1.1 miles long trail is situated at Ironton, MN.

Twin Bridges Loop

This bike trail is 36.3 miles long on a round trip which is located in Bend, OR. This trail is suitable for the bikers of intermediate to expert level. This snow-topped Cascade Mountain is very attractive from its peak. The bikers love this trail for climbing about 1000 feet with the benefit of taking a break.

Valmont Bike Park

This bike trail is situated at Boulder, Co. This park provides a very surprising path for all level of bikers from beginners to professionals.

However, America accommodates thousands of trails for the bikers. If you love riding bikes, you will find best bike trails here. If you are a beginner or dreaming of starting riding bikes, you should just start riding at your nearby trails. No matter why you ride, your riding must be enjoyable to you. The bike trails in the US will blow your mind while you are riding.


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