Best 15 Easy Ways To Speed Up WordPress Website

How To Speed Up WordPress, Writing today has taken the world by storm! Isn’t it? More and more people are heading towards the blogging way because it is now seen as good trend to go writing by being stylish as well. Writing today is no more associated with something that is boring or monotonous but something that excites the mind and spirit too. Blogging today has become a hit with the writing community as whole that especially is engrossed with the creativity and ease that comes alive with blogging.

All in all, there seems to be no way to escape from it but yes for sure, there is a glitch associated with the most famous blogging site WordPress. Speed wise there is a major problem, which the writers have encountered in How to Speed up WordPress. They are not able to write much at a greater speed, which forms major lacunae with the site. But, this useful guide will surely help you in speeding up the writing ability on this blogging website very deftly.

Which Problems Can Be Faced If Your Website Is Slow?

A slow website can lead to the following problems:

  • You can lose the number of new visitors and also end up losing the subscribed followers and your customers too.
  • Your website may become a bit slow due to the associated speed problem.

Why Do You Actually Need to Speed Up WordPress Website?

Capturing the attention of the first time visitor is a cumbersome task. One needs to adapt to the ways of doing this by having the convincing technologies to get the customers engaged. Even if there is a delay for a fraction of second in terms of speed, then also you can end up losing the customer satisfaction as well.

Apart from that, during the searching process, the major search engines also use an algorithm that considers those websites as the top priority that have good speed. So, all in all, you need to have the website that has good speed so that your SEO ranking does not get affected.

Ways to Speed Up WordPress Website

Let’s fix that. I guarantee that using even a few will help speed up your site.

1. Pick a Good Hosting

What do we tend to do while we start working on a blogging site? Using a shareable host! This is what we tend to do, right? However, what does it lead to, a super slow speed of your website, which can be, actually a curse for your IT venture?

A curse because, the speed of the site falls into doldrums and you start losing the game. At such point of time, the BlueHost managed WordPress Hosting comes out to be the best choice. In fact, WordPress has officially recommended BlueHost as a hosting provider.

2. Start with a Solid Framework/Theme

A strong framework can help you make a good website and the plugins will not slow down the speed as well. The change of the theme can really make your website speedy and effective and can help you gaining new visitors.

The significance of customization in Speed up WordPress has always been important in blogging. If you are being able to pick the right framework, then customizing it can make your website worthwhile. The MyThemeShop Theme is very fast and comes in premium quality too. The reason why it is so followed is that it is very easy to customize.

As the last, point in choosing the right one and must pick those in which you do not need to use a lot of features and obviously customization comes out to be much easier.

3. Use an Effective Caching Plugin

Traditionally caches are used to speed up the processors time limit to execute the processes. This basic concept of the caches is being applied in what we call the caching plugins. This plugins is also known to improve the page load time.

The best thing is that all these plugins are free to use and can be downloaded freely from the As an experienced blogger, the use of this caching plugins from W3 Total Cache is seen to be the best. Also you can use WP Super Cache and WordPress Cache Enabler.

Using this plugins is very easy because you can easily install and activate them at your convenience.

4. Replace PHP with static HTML, when necessary

PHP is said to increase the load time of a web page but this can be avoided if one is using the static HTML in its place. Follow this great post injustice.

5. Turn Off PingBacks and Trackbacks

If you make your blog delinked with other websites and blogs then the speed of the website may shoot up.

It is very natural the more isolated a website is the greater is its speed independently. To achieve this, one needs to cut back the pingbacks and trackbacks.

When other websites get connected to the blog of yours, then you need to know that your website is updating itself automatically. This is what acts as a burden on the speed of your website.

6. Control the Amount of Post Revisions Stored

Saving the drafts of your website also adds to dumping of the speed of your website. Speed up WordPress guide advice’s you to use it which automatically saves the drafts if that remains unposted.

To avoid this problem a plugin called, Revision Control, is used. This is meant to keep the revisions at a minimum level.

7. Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for Better Reach

Blogs are being used by a lot of budding entrepreneurs and Speed up WordPress requires you to have an inkling of this thought about getting into the business league by understanding the market pulse of the today’s time.

If you are using this content delivery network (CDN), then for sure the visitors on your site can instantly download the website in no time because of the use of features such as – Java Script, CSS, images.

The KeyCDN (Content Delivery Network), has got everything that you want. These can be found at a reasonable price and the dashboard acquired too is very simple to use.

8. Optimize Images (Automatically)

Reducing the size of the picture without getting the quality compromised is what the task of image optimizer is. For all the things a plugin becomes a must. With WP Smush, it becomes very easy and convenient to get the things done very skillfully.

9. Optimize Your Homepage to Load Quickly

The fact that your homepage must load up quickly actually adds a quality of what a user experiences while working through your website. The faster your home page loads up the better it is for you.

It is better if you include an excerpt instead of focusing on posting the whole content. Bringing down the number of posts on your home page and removing that unnecessary plugins can also reduce the problem of speed.

The content that you are posting on your website needs to have a focused approach and up to the point as in the long run, this will attract the readers eventually and no the bulk.

10. Adjust Gravatar Images

Yes! Speed up WordPress also depends upon the gravatar being set to an empty value. It will eventually lead to a decreased time in page load. Make sure that instead of a default value, a null value is set for gravatar.

11. Lazyload Speeds Up the Loading of Images

Lazyload is meant to delay the loading of those images before the user scrolls them down. This plugins can be installed from the link image lazy load.

12. Add an Expires Header to Static Resources

An expire header does the needful when it makes the user to avoid the fetching and re-fetching of the data. These elements are generally static, because they are embedded in the jquery, CSS, or images etc.

You need to copy and paste the following code in your root .htaccess file:

ExpiresActive On
ExpiresByType image/gif A2592000
ExpiresByType image/png A2592000
ExpiresByType image/jpg A2592000
ExpiresByType image/jpeg A2592000

This makes the website to load more easily thereby requiring less amount of time. This eventually enhances the speed of the website and more and more users can access the website without any hassles.

13. Disable Hotlinking and Leeching of Your Content

The images on your website can be easily linked to the other websites, which leads to deteriorating the speed of your website. This can be avoided through putting a code in your root .htaccess file:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^$
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://(www\.)*$ [NC]
RewriteRule \.(gif|jpg|jpeg|bmp|zip|rar|mp3|flv|swf|xml|php|png|css|pdf)$ – [F]

This theft is basically called hotlinking and actually leads to building up scrap. The final result is a bit disastrous because the server gets loaded with lots of requests for the image access.

14. Improvise your WordPress database

Plugins can be a technology marvel to enhance the speed of your website. One such plugin is WP-Optimize, this is meant to put your database at its best level of performance. The stronger is your database, the better is the speed of your website.

It is even better if you schedule aptly and appropriately the timing for optimizing your database. This will lead to keep the database in a good form and also increase the ability to speed up the website performance.

15. Set Your Blogging at Jet Speed with High Security!

CloudFlare is what we are talking about in How to Speed up WordPress guide. Besides providing the speed, it is also meant to provide a strong security feature to your website as well.