August 9, 2015

Backlinks to Build to a New Niche Website to Get it Ranking

Backlinks to Build to a New Niche Website

Back before SEO was a coined phrase and search engines were as simple as pie search engine manipulation used to be easy. Sometimes, NO offsite SEO was needed to be performed at all! All it would take would be to stuff loads of keywords into your META tags and on the site and voila! The search engines would list you and you’d rank highly for a lot of the keywords you had on your site. These days there is a lot more to it than that of course but the basic principles still apply.

Every website on the internet is different in the terms of SEO that’s needed to be done to it to make it rank high in the search engines. Although the general theory that, Content is King and Backlinks are Queen are applied because this is usually all that’s needed to get a site ranking somewhere high in the SERP’S (Search Engine Results Pages). Good content and good quality backlinks. The tougher the competition, the more backlinks and unique good quality content you provide the search engines until one day eventually you are number 1 in Google for your keyword(s).

Depending on the volume of the keywords and the competition of those keywords, it may not even take that much at all!

You see, Google can spend millions of dollars employing top scientists and SEO experts to build lots of different something’s into their search results to try and provide a better searching experience to the end user. Which they do I must admit, but at the end of the day it is and always will be a search engine that follows basic search engine principles. Those principles are simple – A site with more backlinks or anchor text backlinks than a similar site in the same niche with less backlinks will always rank higher. This is because Google counts how many backlinks a site has and what the backlinks are and the keywords used in the anchor text of those backlinks is to determine where to place that site in the search index. I know! I know! I am making “presumptions” and “assumptions” right? There is obviously a lot more to it than that, but it’s what we know for sure to be what it takes 90% of the time we usually find that more backlinks = higher SERP placements.

But when you launch a new site for the first time that has zero backlinks and is a brand new domain. What type of backlinks are best to build to it first?

 Think Relevant Backlinks

As we know, Google loves it when a site links to a relevant site. AKA relevant backlinks. These are backlinks from sites/blogs/forums that are in the same niche as you. Let’s say your new blog is about BlackBerry phones. Obviously you would want to acquire backlinks from these similar types of blogs and sites as yours. To me, these are the most important types of backlinks a webmaster can get for their new site or blog. They simply cannot and should not be ruled out of your SEO link building campaign. And depending on your niche you may find they are easy to find and acquire. Here we’ll show how.

Footprints for Finding Relevant Backlinks

So, for the purpose of this article, if your new site is all about BlackBerry phones you want to get some links from sites that are also about BlackBerry phones. But how to do it? Google is your friend! When it comes to finding places to build backlinks on the search engines are your best friends. Google is usually the best one to search in but it’s your preference. Us SEO”s and SEA’s like to use Google because we can use “search engine operators” which help us to filter out undesired results or target specific platforms and blogs like WordPress blogs for example.

Research Your Competitors Territory

The best thing to do here is to literally search in Google for your keywords that you are targeting. Then visit some of the sites you find, look into what they’re talking about on the same subject effectively researching your competitors then read the post, and leave a relevant comment with a link back to your site. You can even find actual blogs in the same niche as you by typing something like “Powered by WordPress” “your keyword”. This will return thousands of blogs in the same niche as you that you can start commenting on. I know, boring, right? Actually, I find doing this quite interesting. Not only am I learning about what other webmasters in the same niche as me blogging about. But at the same time as building backlinks, I’m also building up a reputation for myself among fellow bloggers by creating a name for myself and my site as someone who knows what they’re talking about.

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You can go even further and outsource this on a site like where you can pay someone a fiver to post some comments on blogs in the same niche as you. Personally I like to use ScrapeBox for this. Using ScrapeBox I can search for hundreds or thousands of blogs using something like “Powered by WordPress” “BlackBerry Phones” and I would scrape for thousands of sites, remove the duplicate URL’s then scan the PR of the remaining site and place manual comments on the highest PR blogs. This is something every serious webmaster should do if they want their site to gain rank in the search engines overtime and is what professional SEO services do for webmasters who want those types of links too.

The Best SEO Backlinks

I would say, from personal experience and from voices heard through the grapevine on IM/SEO forums and blogs that one way backlinks from relevant forums and blogs as you are considered the best types of backlinks to have. But I’ve also heard favor for Web 2 sites like Social Bookmarking and the best Social Networking sites, Web 2, high PR article directories and blog networks. I vouch for this just as much because I see consistent results when using these types of sites and links to build backlinks on. I usually start with the highest PR Social Bookmarking sites first, think Digg, Reddit, delicious, fark, furl, technorati, SU etc. Then I do some article marketing submitting a few articles with a link back to the site with my main keywords I’m targeting using a decent quality article to the major article directories. And depending on the site/niche may even create Social Networking accounts on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Myspace, Bebo, LinkedIn, Friendster, Hi5, Tagged, Orkut, Netlog, Google Plus+, Badoo, etc and create a sort of link wheel using these sites which seems to work great for getting sites indexed and ranking somewhere.

Sometimes you may have to keep repeating the building over and over until you see results, sometimes you might not have to and you can just leave the site and work on it overtime while you work on another new site and so on. What seems to do the trick is having lots of link diversity so you want a mixture of different links from different platforms whether they are dofollow or nofollow, anchor text hyperlink or hyperlinked URL or not. It all helps.

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One other method of link building which I think needs to be added here is that of Press Release sites. Depending on what kind of site/business you launch/run you may find launching press releases to be very potent in your link building campaign. Not only are they great at getting your name out there and establishing your site or services presence on the internet but these can be shared across multiple news and press release sites or posted on other people’s sites who want new content. So you can get a link back from some high PR Press Release sites as well as any others where people have posted the article.

The same can be applied to using the highest PR, Major Article Directories like EzineArticle, GoArticles, ArticleDashboard,,,, HubPages, Squidoo, etc. These are considered very authoritative sites by Google etc. So you don’t want to miss out from any backlinks from them if you have any competition to quench!

Rinse and Repeat as Required

Some people start with a simple website and learn about SEO and other search engine manipulation and harbor it to their advantage financially and some people repeat what they learned over and over again as well the SEO companies today or any corporation does that know how to target keywords, build simple websites with keyword-rich content on it and ping it and use methods to get Google crawling it frequently by adding more content, pinging, building new backlinks either from article directories, link directories, social bookmarking sites, Web 2.0 sites and blog networks to try and increase the sites position in the SERP’S or outrank a competitor site in the same niche as you. It’s a method that’s repeated on many sites today. There are millions of new sites started every day! These days, you can be sure that a high percentage of them were only and simply created purely by someone to make money from that site by providing something to people searching for a particular keyword, keyword phrase or long tail keyword.

For some people, they can start a new site and be earning money from it instantly by the end of the week. It’s literally just a matter of doing some keyword research. For this, most of us use Google’s Trend Tool or another one and or Google’s Keyword Tool for finding how hot certain keywords or phrases are. It tells you how many times something is searched. So if you wanted to know how many times “SEO Lists” was typed which isn’t much, unfortunately, but one day maybe, but it will tell you as it will for many other keywords or phrases and or long tail keywords. It’s what I use for researching new niches to dominate and it can literally be as simple now for me as this.

Basic Niche Website Building Steps

  • Do Keyword Research Using Google’s Keyword Tool
  • Find a High Volume Keyword or Phrase
  • Search it in Google and See if Any Sites are Competing for Them
  • Decide on a Domain name and Register it
  • Setup Name Server IP etc and Upload and Install WordPress
  • Upload a few Keyword Relevant and Keyword Friendly Articles
  • Record Search Engine Traffic to Check Incoming Searches
  • Monetize with Your Favorite Affiliate Links or Ads
  • Ping the Post to Search Engines
  • Build some Backlinks from Relevant Sites or Otherwise
  • Rinse and Repeat Several Times a Week or More.
  • Repeat these steps again for a new niche site.

Of course, there can be more to it than this depending on your experience and PC/SEO skills. But these are pretty much the basic foundation steps that most niche marketer will follow to make a site rank in the search engines and earn from it from the traffic it receives. As said, it can depend on some contributing factors such as competition and volume of keyword and sometimes it doesn’t always work. myself have many sites sitting on the “back burner” that I work on a bit more every now and then overtime. Some get bigger, some get spikes, some dance.

But I can repeat this over and over again for many keywords making sites that might not even get much traffic but if I have 100 sites and all are only getting 50 hits – 100 hits a day that’s still 5K – 10 K hits a day which can generate a substantial residual earning.

So what have we learned so far from this article on SEO Link Lists? That you cannot believe everything you read for starters. That SEO is and can be lucrative for some people. And of course, what are generally considered the best types of backlinks a new website should build.

Best Backlinks to Build to a New Niche Website

  • Relevant backlinks from relevant blogs and forums
  • Backlinks from the major social bookmarking sites
  • Web 2 and Social Networking site backlinks
  • Press Release sites and Article Marketing sites

I write this article knowing this much to be true. It is a blueprint that can be followed other and other again. And I write it in the hope it may help people who are thinking about this on their own site(s). I hope you find it insightful and useful in your Webmastering journey. SEO is an ever ongoing and evolving process. So what works today might not tomorrow. Until then, I myself and many other people will continue to apply this online.

Overtime we will be talking more about this same subject and going into more detail about some of the methods discussed. As well as providing fresh SEO tips and tricks and link lists for all the best link building platforms.

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