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Welcome to MyDreamLives.Com! Thanks for taking time to visit MyDreamLives about page. Here you well know about MyDreamLives and me.

My Dream Lives is a reflection of the passion and energy every person has. Hey there, this is my blog that will offer an insight to how I see the world and people around me. My Dream Lives is where I set out my stream of consciousness and enable you to enjoy in it. This blog captures the essence of life and how it can be transformed into a positive stance. I am here to make sure you look at different perspectives of life and enjoy reading. The interesting thing about blogging is its freedom. I have been indulged in this activity for some time now and I cannot tell you how much I enjoy it. Blogging for me is like writing a virtual diary for others to read. It gives me the energy to entertain all of you and try to connect with other people. I want all of you to enjoy connecting with me too through this convenient blogging source!

There is nothing better than expressing your thoughts. What could be better than indulging through the internet into people and getting to find connections? Interestingly, my blog has gotten me a lot of friends and acquaintances. I like having discussions with them and gaining their view points. This is why I want you to read my blog. My blog will be a source of rejuvenation for you. Get involved in life and enjoy it like you have no worries of the world! This is where you will find a variety of topics, genres and discussions you would like to take part in. participate, share and connect with people who share the same lifestyle as you through my blog. Get in touch with me, give me comments and we will share an intellectual journey.

About Me

My name is Sazzadul Hossen and I’m from Sherpur, Bangladesh. I’m 35 and a part time blogger.

I started giving more time on this blog. My main goal is to publish useful posts to make my readers (bloggers) blogging journey easier.


While running my other, I learned many new things on WordPress, SEO, Blogging, Web Hosting, Affiliate Marketing etc. And I started sharing what I’ve learned. Soon I realized that it’s not a tech blog anymore. I had to change my domain name. I chose the domain MyDreamLives.Com as I was sharing what I learned from my blogging journey.

Apart from blogging, I love reading books, watching movies and playing cricket. You can connect me.

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