5 Things You Need to Think About Before Starting A Blog

If you are thinking to make your first blog or you not so first blog after failing to create a successful blog. Then you need to look at these 5 thing before you start making your blog another time or for first time and it fails. This article will showcase you the basic you need before creating a blog.


The first thing to think for when you start your blog is the ‘niche’. Basically niche is the topic on which you are going to write your blog on. A blog can a single niche where you write about only one topic and just information on one topic. A blog can also be a multi-niche where you can  write about two or more topics, covering a vast amount of topics from.

The niche is the most important thing of you blog, because if your topic is not good no one is going to read your blog. And if no one reads it what is the use.. until you making blog for yourself.


The second thing to think about is the content that you are going to put on the blog. You need to ask your self ‘Do I have all the related resources to write some good content?’. You need to have some very good resources to deliver some very nice content to your readers. You should not try and copy the content from anybody else blog, this is not good from google point of view.

If you have enough content on regular basis to deliver it your readers, then you are going good to start the blog. If not then you need to think of places from where you can get some very good content for you blog.


Name is most crucial thing for your blog, no matter what niche you bog about or what content you put on your blog. And by name here we mean names of everything, taking your blog name, the name you give to your articles and every other things. The name you give to your blog is very crucial and plays a very good role in you promotions. The popularity of your blog also depends on what names you give to yours articles and content you write on your blog. Having a good and a catchy name will definitely help you in generating some more traffic.


The design is the thing that makes your readers stay on the blog and come again searching for more content. If your blog has a very messy and poor design instead of a clean one. You will definitely loose of you readers. You need to have very neat and clean design to make your readers come again and again to read content on your blog.

The design thing also includes the logo you have for your blog and the graphics you use on your blog. If you have some very nice graphics on your blog, readers will love to come on your blog. Having some very good graphics and using some very nice pictures in your articles where ever needed will definitely help you.


The marketing is one thing which you can also think after creating your blog, but it is nice if you think of it before creating the blog. When thinking of marketing what exactly you need to think about is, the places from where you will get your readers from. You can make pages for your blog on social media to get your reader from their. You can list other site from where you think you can bring your readers from. You can submit your blog to the directories to get some readers too. This point is not so important to think for before creating blog, but its better if you think for.

You can take pre marketing preparations into account and think of this and market your blog properly to get readers for your blog.