Business Lessons From Frank Underwood

Business Lessons From Frank Underwood: A few months ago I wrote an article that all brilliant and interesting monologues that our beloved fictional US president in the television series, House of Cards Highlights – delivered Frank Underwood all viewers. I will publish this article here soon.

Well, I know, he was one of the most cruel person is ever to be found after the Joker, but there are lessons to learn from the way Frank treats situations.

Know the Rules Completely

Frank is a player in the game of politics in the United States, and there are rules and laws that are in this game. This is a country that we are talking about; so imagine that the intensity of the game and the detail of the countless laws and regulations that are behind. Frank yourself first familiar with all laws and regulations before the game challenges. As a result, you find a way out of disastrous situations and design traps for your enemies.


Diplomacy is an attribute by default on all politicians. And Frank has embedded a lot of him in it. Personally, I would for the diplomacy in the fields they choose active in, but I’ve never been in the shoes of a politician. Regarding politics, diplomacy can want on the way enterprise to take. When I say that politics, I mean that not only belongs in a more general sense, and politics in the news.

During the Negotiations, You Know Your Opponent in Half-Over

As a politician Frank obviously has a lot of negotiations with his enemies, his family and his friends. A successful negotiation always satisfies both parties. There are no winners, no losers. The way this happens is that both parties try to set aside some aspects of the requirements of each shot. So make AL-less the deal happen with something rather than nothing. In other words, to hit your opponent in half with the requirements you do, and the demands that they make.

Getting Ready to Do What You Want to Do Your Subordinates

Frank Underwood ordered his subordinates to do what you want in the truest sense of the word. But he knows I would have the same kind of thing to do, if necessary; and boy what to overcome itself.

With this attitude, not only with the fact that you order your subordinates own but also know that their subordinates would the same, and more respect doing satisfied. Therefore, the result of greater loyalty; Organic loyalty.

Guidance Meta

We all know that, and we have heard all this a million times – Share Your main goal in a lot of steps, and then run one after another. That’s exactly what Frank around the TV. It aims to be the president of the United States of America, and is one, there are many steps to be completed. He teams up gradually each other. He can seem off track in some places, but not really, if you’ll notice.

There are fights on the way, because there are others who share your goal; and we all know that there is only one presidential chair in the Oval Office.

A Smile Goes a Long Way

This is a feature of Frank that I like, and I personally embedded in me in many difficult situations. It is easy; He has a smiley face, regardless of emotions towards the other person. They hate this person? Smile. You want to strangle that person to death? Easy. Smile.

This will not only emotional stability, this is a little intimidated when you consider to be how well it seems to make the situation the other person. If you intimidate this person, you can beat them.

Protect That Really Matter

This shows, however, a feature that I noticed Frank, however, and as an important feature that will make or could break. Without the people who are really for you and they really support you, you can not achieve greatness. There are only so many things you can only do, but the rest of the route you need to go with the help of your friends. Although this usually this is especially true in government policy.

Losing a Battle Does Not Mean Losing the War

Your goal is now divided into phases, and some of these numerous measures not be feasible, or in other words, the barriers that it puts you in a position that allows you to bend the knee to fight. This does not mean that their goal is now inaccessible. In any case, it is stronger.

Frank illustrates this ideology swaying as it gets. There is a scenario in which the leaders of his own party does not want to run for the presidency. But back to the president and hold this position is their goal. He appliances a strategy, so that it seems as if he agrees, the demands of the party, only to wake up another battle, so that you can win after the lost battle, before this can be compensated.

The Nominal Value of a Situation Is the Result, Not the Actual Value

Nominal value of a situation is the result of everything they did to get there. You can read that gay marriage is legal in the US, but there was a lot of work put into it, and a lot of people who worked for a lot of other people to do so. This work is highlighted by the media precisely. Everyone only cares about the result, and you should find out what to do to achieve their goals.

Frank does all by itself really important to achieve all objectives minor works, and the principal. All this work is sometimes known by anyone except him.

There Is Always a Way

One thing I’m sure that Frank always find different ways to win battles and eventually war. From the flattery, to kill; that does it all. You can look at the location of the random number and be sure that he is stuck hopelessly. That’s when the audience with their brilliance and a few clever monologues is surprised. In fact, that is when it delivers its best monologues. Here is the link to a lot of these monologues – your evil alter ego.